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o RPGWatch 2 - o Zoria: Age of Shattering - Demo Gameplay [2020-08-05]

Sampstra Games checked out the demo of the tactical RPG Zoria: Age of Shattering: Zoria: Age of Shattering (Turn Based Tactical RPG) - Limited Demo -Let's Play loading... Join me in my let's play of Zoria: Age of Shattering, a turn based combat game with formations,skills and all the other good stuff you expect in an RPG....

Gift and Present Pen-and-Paper RPG Paper Role Play Game Pen Gamemaster Role-Play-Game-Dice

o RPGWatch 2 - o Mortal Shell - Release Date: August 18 [2020-08-06]

The dark action-adventure RPG Mortal Shell will be released on Epic Games on August 18: Mortal Shell - Official Release Date Trailer loading...

RPG Gamemaster and Paper Present Role-Play-Game-Dice Role Play Game Gift Pen Pen-and-Paper

o RPGWatch 2 - o Star Renegades - Video Preview [2020-08-08]

CogConnected have previewed Star Renegades. Massive Damage, the indie developers behind Halcyon 6, have learned a lot from their first game, and their new follow-up Star Renegades has the potential to become a new indie classic. Star Renegades is a strategy RPG about an invading force of inter-dimensional robots who are slowly conquering and consuming the multiverse....

Present Role-Play-Game-Dice and RPG Gift Pen Paper Pen-and-Paper Gamemaster Role Play Game

o RPGWatch 2 - o Spell Master: The Saga - Build Your Own Magic School [2020-08-08]

Spellmaster: The Saga has been announced. It is an open world RPG, made by Russian developers, who like the Gothic games a lot. In the game you play a mage who roams the land and builds a magic school to educate followers. 1C Entertainment takes aboard SpellMaster: The Saga, a new open world fantasy RPG Prague, Czech Republic – August 7, 2020 – 1C Entertainment is proud to announce their collaboration with developer Spellbook Creations on their upcoming project, SpellMaster: The Saga, an open world fantasy RPG where you take the role of a wizard set on founding his own Magic Academy and protect the world of Allyon from the impending catastrophe....

Gift Pen-and-Paper RPG Gamemaster Role-Play-Game-Dice Present Pen Role Play Game Paper and

o RPGWatch 2 - o Horizon Zero Dawn - Release Day [2020-08-07]

The PC version of the open world RPG Horizon Zero Dawn will be released today: Horizon Zero Dawn EARTH IS OURS NO MOREExperience Aloy’s entire legendary quest to unravel the mysteries of a world ruled by deadly Machines.An outcast from her tribe, the young hunter fights to uncover her past, discover her destiny… and stop a catastrophic threat to the future....

Role Play Game Paper Role-Play-Game-Dice Gamemaster Present RPG and Pen-and-Paper Gift Pen

o RPGWatch 2 - o Opinion - Obsidian is becoming Bethesda [2020-08-07]

The Escapist writes about Obsidians apparent desire to take Bethesda's mantle. Ever since Obsidian released Fallout: New Vegas back in 2010, fans have linked the studio with Bethesda, which owns the Fallout franchise. It’s a reputation that isn’t entirely fair, since up until that point most of Obsidian’s catalogue had consisted of follow-ups to BioWare titles, including Knights of the Old Republic II, Neverwinter Nights 2, and an aborted attempt to create Baldur’s Gate III....

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